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Welcome to the home of the Hills Garlic Festival!

The 22nd Annual Hills Garlic Festival was held Sunday, September 7, at Centennial Park in New Denver, BC. The glorious sunshine, blue skies, and warm termperatures brought over 6000 people who came to shop, eat, and enjoy the wonderful entertainment. 

160 vendors sold a huge variety of harvest bounty, crafts, and food.

Mountain Station and Motes and Oats were joined on the main stage by El Grupa Cubano. All three acts had the crowd up dancing. Flydini the Magician once again wowed packed houses in the family entertainment tent. Bubbles the Clown roamed the grounds providing effervescent joy to young and old.

8 raffle baskets filled with goods generously donated by the vendors were won by

  • Bron Hashimoto (New Denver)
  • Angie Simpson (Rosebery)
  • Jane Piper (Osoyoos)
  • Barb Renaud (Hills)
  • Chiyoko Reitmeier (Rosebery)
  • Alison Gale (New Denver)
  • Sally Lamare (New Denver)
  • Judy (Nelson)

Beautiful prize ribbons were awarded as follows

Best Garlic Braid: Rebecca Sharpe, Curly Willow Farm
Biggest Bulb - Softneck Varieties: Rick Calloway, Goat River Grow Op
Biggest Bulb - Stiffneck Varieties: Rick Calloway, Goat River Grow Op
Heaviest Clove - Rick Calloway, Goat River Grow Op
Best Garlic Themed Poem - Amanda Patt, Fruitvale (see below)


Allicin's Favourite Herb: Garlic

Green shoots, row upon row, tenderly tended

Harvest roots, shovel and hoe, bulbs upended


Vigorously shaken, air dried, plaited and wove

Carefully taken, pearly of hide, pungent of clove


Paper peeled, minced and mashed, fried and roasted

Flavour revealed, flame flashed, golden toasted


Sulphur scent, onion and leek, shallot and chive

Never repent, rippin' good reek, taste-buds alive



The 23rd Annual Hills Garlic Festival will take place Sunday, September 13, 2015, Centennial Park, New Denver, BC




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We are in the September 2011 issue of 
Canadian Geographic Travel and the
October/November 2011 issue of 
The Landowner


Photo credit: Northern Exposure