29th Annual Hills Garlic FestivalSunday, September 8, 2024 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

29th Annual Hills Garlic Festival

Community Support

The Garlic Festival is a local community fundraiser sponsored by the Hills Recreation Society (a non-profit charitable organization). Over the years it has become one of the highlights of the Hills/New Denver/Silverton community and has raised money to provide recreation facilities and services for the area including basketball/tennis courts, yoga classes, children's recreation programs, and local trails for cross country skiing, walking, and mountain biking.

Over 100 volunteers from many organizations contribute to the success of this event. Revenues are shared with the Hills Community Doukhobor Society, Hills Emergency Services Society, Lucerne School, Valhalla Hills Nordic Ski Club, The Outlet Youth Centre, and Summit Lake Ski Hill. An annual donation is made to the Village of New Denver in appreciation of the residents welcoming the event to their community and the support from the Village Council and staff. In addition, many businesses benefit economically from the Garlic Festival through purchase of goods and services such as the shuttle bus, photocopying, and equipment rental.